GL FiOS Comprehensive Fleet Management
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FiOS Comprehensive Fleet Management with software applications and optional sensors.

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Rs. 2,500.00

  • Select Monitoring Sensor Type
  • Subscription Billing Frequency
  • FiOS Applications

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Assemble your fleet management solution

1. Select the core solution

That's what you've done by visiting this page. Here, you can order FIOS COMPREHENSIVE FLEET MANAGEMENT.
It comprises the FiOS system and a GPS tracker.

FIOS system                     Rs. 2,500

The system covering 90% of your fleet management tasks.

GPS tracker                     Rs. 0,000

GPS device that best suits your tasks. Practically, it's FREE. You only pay a refundable deposit that you can claim anytime. 


2. Select FiOS applications from the dropdown list

In the first dropdown list, you can select value-added apps integrated with FiOS. These are task-specific interfaces that complement your fleet management system:


for fleet maintenance management.




for delivery and courier services.




for fleet maintenance management.




for delivery and courier services.




3. Select monitoring sensor types from the dropdown list

In the second dropdown list, you can select value-added options based on sensors integrated with FiOS.
These are task-specific system modules to take certain fleet and vehicle parameters under control:



Fuel monitoring


Engine immobilizer


Door control


MH counter


RFID solutions



4. Select subscription billing frequency and product quantity

KLOUDIP software is available by subscription, just like your favorite apps on Play Market or App Store, so it doesn't demand big initial investments.
In the third dropdown list, you can select how frequently you want to pay for the solutions:

  • Monthly

  • Quarterly

  • Bi-annually

  • Annually

...and how many subscriptions you need, i.e. the number of vehicles you want to equip with telematics.


5. add the custom solution to your cart

The final push to smart fleets.

1. Click "Add to cart"

The selected applications and value-added options appear in the cart.

2. Review order

Review products and prices. If everything is OK, click "Process checkout" button. 

3. Review Address

Double check your billing address. If everything is OK, proceed to payment. 

4. Pay the order

You can pay with VISA, MasterCard, or any other payment service provider via STRIPE gateway.

4. Enjoy telematics

KLOUDIP will get in touch with you to schedule the solution implementation.

  Or request a live demo before you buy

If you feel like the order procedure is too complicated, want to learn more about what you buy or see the solutions in action, contact us.
We'll schedule a meeting or online session to discuss your needs and help you assemble the solution to cover them all 360°.

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