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HAZER platform equipped with a web interface and a mobile interface that is synchronized instantly is a disruptive solution that is going to change the way people keep a track of 1000's of sensors. One solution that can keep a track of multiple sensors from mobile freezer tucks to manufacturing plant production progress to power usage at branch offices.

There is nothing else like it. Try Hazer today!

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Monitoring Multiple Telematics Sensors? Want to keep an eye on critical environments on the go?
Hazer allows you to monitor a wide variety of sensors simultaneously - Temperature, Humidity, Door Sensors, Fuel Level, Light Sensors, CO2, Water, Parking Sensor or literary any sensor you can imagine! 

That's not all - You can locate the IOT devices on the map when equipped with GPS / GLONASS. Web interface is synchronized instantly with mobile and vice-versa enabling you to operate from anywhere.

HAZER mobile

Meticulously designed to be ultra user friendly when monitoring 1000's of sensors on your palm. You will not experience a difference if you are on web or mobile. 

Whatever you or your authorized team members update on HAZER is instantly synchronized across the platform allowing you to make quick and accurate decision making. 

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