KLOUDIP in Transportation & Warehousing
Global delivery giant deploys KLOUDSKY platform to manage temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals warehousing and transportation.
9 May, 2019 by
KLOUDIP in Transportation & Warehousing
Sanjeeva Cooray

A world’s largest full-service logistics company uses KLOUDSKY platform when carrying and storing pharmaceuticals. How to meet high standards of the industry giant and even impress the client?

In the region, the carrier deals with heat-sensitive biologics and highly regulated substances demanding specific transportation conditions. Experienced in refrigerated transportation KLOUDIP won the project and got down to work. 

Project peculiarities

  • The cargo must remain intact in moving units and warehouses, so satellite monitoring goes beyond door-to-door transportation.
  • All pharmaceutical goods are stored and shipped in refrigerated cubic boxes. The temperature in each package is controlled independently as each consignor wants to track a proprietary container.
  • Sometimes boxes slip or drop during transportation. It may result in a refrigerated unit accidental opening. 

The solution

Temperature control. Every refrigerated unit is equipped with wireless temperature and humidity sensors. The device collects the data and sends it to KLOUDSKY where a dispatcher registers temperature abuses. KLOUDIP impressed the client by establishing stable operation of 16 Bluetooth sensors connected to a single device. That allowed cutting installation costs and avoid cabling in the back of the truck. 

Moreover, the carrier's staff always gives SMS feedback to customers. All this increased the reliability of the service as customers appreciate the opportunity to track the consignment status.

“KLOUDSKY gives detailed real-time information on cargo conditions. That allows us to provide higher standards of customer services in refrigerated transportation. We already successfully control more than 30 reefers.” – says Sanjeeva Cooray, KLOUDIP CEO. 

Cargo safety. To prevent the deterioration of goods door opening detection hardware with vibration alarm option was installed. The solution also helps to ensure proper closing of the unit (e.g., after unloading at the warehouse) and take fast action if cargo integrity is violated. 

As a world leader, the carrier is focused on the competitive edge, meaning reputation and profit over savings. The utilization of KLOUDSKY increased the integrity and efficiency of critical supplies deliveries and raised customer service standards. The system is now being tested in a Singapore office and outperforms the ones used before. So the introduction of the solution to other divisions is a matter of short time! 

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EMS Mobile Application

As temperature requirements may differ depending on the type of perishable goods, the carrier monitors each section/box/unit independently (by the serial number of the sensor). KLOUDIPSKY offers a separate interface for a dispatcher and a consignor to track cargo throughout the way:  

  1. The carrier's employees use KLOUDSKY to track vehicles online and to visualize data from dozens of sensors.
  2. Individual cargo owners track their products using KLOUDSKY-based EMS Mobile app.