Construction machinery monitoring

 Fuel, repair, and maintenance expenditures minimized 
 No idling and thefts of construction materials 
 No side jobs involving your machinery
☑ For all types of heavy machinery, generators, and stationary objects

what you get

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FIOS GPS tracking and fleet management system

The system to make your pump trucks, cranes, excavators, concrete mixers, and diesel generators connected: 

- Track movements in real-time and limit machinery to specific areas to prevent unauthorized trips and side jobs.   

- Reduce mileage and fuel spent with optimized routes. 

- Get notifications and alerts on any events within the production sites and during trips.  

Enhance Fios with value-added options


- Detect fuel thefts from heavy machinery during stops, parkings, work, and on the go. 

- Control the full cycle of fuel distribution – from filling stations through dispensers to machinery.

- Pay only for actual fuel spent  – recalculate consumption rates based on machine hours, engine load, idling, and detachable equipment.

- Use SMS, emails, browser notifications, and mobile app to be updated on fuel spent online.

Machine hours

- Evaluate the work of detachable equipment and concrete mixer units. 

- Analyse engine operation time and load to see the actual time of effective performance. 

- Calculate fuel consumption during idling  more precisely based on machine hours.

- Plan maintenance and analyse wear and tear based on machine hours.

and security

- Control door opening to detect unauthorised access to equipment and construction materials.

- Install RFID/NFC solutions to manage access to restricted areas and machinery, identify drivers and detachable equipment.   

- Control weight during stops and transportation of construction materials to prevent thefts. 

Watch the production, loading, and unloading sites on your laptop through CCTV.

See more ways to cut fuel costs  

Advice on fuel economy with or without GPS tracking and fleet management system.
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the service for remote maintenance management

Plan, manage, and control expenses for maintenance and repair work. 

- Preventive maintenance. Anticipate failures and critical breakdowns based on mileage, machine hours, and time of last maintenance. 

- Repair. Stay updated on the works, spare parts used, and costs. 

- Control. Get notifications of the upcoming and overdue service works not to miss machinery maintenance.   

The solution to control cement mixer units

We ensure that concrete is delivered to production sites in due time and without losses.  

- Transportation conditions. Ensure uninterrupted work of mixer units to prevent concrete drying and preserve material quality.  

- Cement discharge. Control stops, discharge locations, and mixer rotation direction to prevent concrete thefts during transportation. 

- Routes . Easily navigate drivers to construction sites without addresses and optimize mileage to make more deliveries in less time. 

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GPS trackers and additional equipment

We provide best-in-class devices to cover all aspects of construction monitoring.

- GPS trackers that support all the additional equipment below and work in harsh environments.

- Additional devices for machinery and stationary assets: door opening, weight, fuel level, tire
pressure, rotation sensors, and much more.

- Safety and security equipment: engine immobilizers, fixed and mobile video cameras, and RFID/NFC solutions to restrict access.

Implementation and support

We make the system work and train your employees to use it efficiently.

- Launch, configure, and maintain the construction machinery solutions and value-added options.  

- Offer technical support online, in the office, and on production sites. 

- Provide after-implementation analysis and recommendations for ROI.

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How do construction monitoring solutions 

transform your business?


Never theft and often consumed below standard rates.  


Optimized for mileage, fuel consumption, and time to delivery.

building supplies

Never theft or spoilt due to unknown reasons.


Costs less when critical breakdowns are prevented. 


Lasts longer with no side jobs, engine overloads, and unnecessary idling.

How do we make it happen?


We interact with every stakeholder in your company to understand how telematics can benefit your business.  


We carefully select hardware and software to connect your assets and make them interact with the teams.


We train your employees to use the new tools and help you resolve every issue, both technical or commercial.  


We watch how your business works and come up with advice on how to return your investments faster.  

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