Delivery and distribution

Manage orders
 Control distributors 
 Dispatch drivers
 Interact with buyers

What you get

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FIOS GPS tracking and fleet management system

The system brings delivery fleet management to your laptop.

- Tracks vehicles' location, mileage, and movements. 

- Controls transport within and outside specified areas.

- Monitors fuel consumption and detects thefts.

kloud distribution

for delivery services

Specialized solution for order management and delivery process control.

- Web interface for dispatchers to create orders, distribute them among vehicles, build routes, and track delivery progress.

- Mobile app for drivers to see routes and orders on the map, confirm deliveries, and communicate with dispatchers.

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unite the office and the field for deliveries

WEb version
for managers

- Sales order placement. Create or import dozens of orders with a detailed description.

- Planning and distribution. Select vehicles, distribute orders, and generate routes in a handy interface.

- Route optimization. Get preliminary routes comprising data on the estimated arrival time and mileage.

- Delivery process coordination. Receive notifications and discuss emerging issues via calls or a chat.

mobile app
for drivers

- List of orders for drivers. Check the list with detailed information and routes on the map. 

- External navigation apps support. Build a route to a delivery point with Google Maps and other route-building services.   

- Delivery confirmation. Report order statuses, add comments, photos, and customer signatures at delivery points. 

- Communication with dispatchers and clients. Receive notifications on orders, routes, and delivery process.

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GPS Trackers

Installed in your transport

We provide mobile GPS equipment to control proprietary and hired vehicles. 

- Perfect for outsourced fleets: one tracker easily shared between numerous vehicles.

- No special requirements and driver screens: the software works on standard laptops and smartphones.

Implementation and support

After-service assistance

We make the system work and train your employees to use it efficiently.

- System launch, configuration, and steadfast support. 

- Online webinars and training sessions on every feature.

- After-implementation analysis and recommendations for improvement.

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How delivery solutions 

transform your business?


Based on warehouses and showrooms locations


Planned and distributed between vehicles automatically


Dispatchers, distributors, and drivers are united in one control center


See couriers' locations and get delivery notifications

proof of delivery

From a client and a driver after each successful delivery

How do we make it happen?


We interact with every stakeholder in your company to understand how telematics can benefit your business.  


We carefully select hardware and software to connect your assets and make them interact with the teams.


We train your employees to use the new tools and help you resolve every issue, both technical or commercial.  


We watch how your business works and come up with advice on how to return your investments faster.  

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