Avoid Unofficial Communication Modes for Job Tasks

Dear Coordinators & Technicians,

Please note that you are required to use the facility of 'log' for coordination & communication with regard to job tasks. We, as the Management is unable to monitor when you communicate in other modes & create issues and finally come to us to sort them out. 

Also, if there is any communication gap found during an inquiry carried out regarding a job task-related issue, we will not consider any other modes of communication for our decision making.

Therefore, stick to the processes & procedures that have been advised to follow as we do not need to waste time reading your lengthy paragraphs of explanations!

Best Regards,
Shamendri Fernando
Administrative Specialist


Mobile : +94 70 379 0640
Phone: +94 11 212 7040

by Shamendri Fernando - 01:23 - 9 Aug 2022