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GPS tracking software, hardware, and experience are on us. You just need a laptop.

best deals for resellers only

GPS tracker

Rs. 4000

per  unit

Advanced vehicle GPS trackers with 1 year warranty at the lowest price in Sri Lanka. 

GPS system

Rs. 250

per vehicle/month

Simple and functional platform for GPS tracking and fleet management at the lowest price.


Rs. 25


400 days history and advanced reports offering powerful analytics for clients' fleets.




Don’t pay for hardware, if you migrate a client from another GPS tracking system.

*These are the best prices based on our market analysis of comparable software and hardware. If you've found a better deal, let us know, and we'll negotiate the terms. 

How to start a GPS tracking company 

Apply as a reseller

Fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page. We’ll contact you to clarify the details.

Get a consultation

We’ll consult you on how to start a business, show traps and pitfalls, and guide you through them as a business partner.  

Start selling

As soon as you have a client, we provide you with trackers and software at the lowest price in the market.  

Grow your business

We offer discounts based on the reselling volume. The more you resell, the more you earn.

Reseller's starter pack


  • One of the smallest trackers – easy to hide inside the vehicle.

  • Ensures stable GPS signal – for uninterrupted tracking.
  • Offers GPS + LBS – detects location by cell phone towers where satellites are unavailable.

  • Accurate to 5 meters – vehicles are located within seconds.
  • Ignition detection – alerts when the engine is on/off to detect trips and prevent thefts.
  • Theft-prevention options – immobilizes the vehicle in case of theft.

  • Monitors harsh driving conditions based on accelerometer.
  • Built-in battery and power off alarms to prevent hardware sabotage by a driver
  • 9-90 V voltage range – perfect for motorcycles and electric cars


  • Real-time tracking – vehicle location, condition, and performance.

  • Fuel monitoring – shows fuel level and consumption based on CAN.
  • Driver behavior monitoring – to prevent traffic accidents and vehicle wear.

  • Route optimization – for less mileage, fuel spent, and fast delivery.
  • Geofences – to control vehicles entering, moving inside, or leaving certain territories.
  • Alerts and notifications – TRAZET informs of all events on the way.

  • Compatible with all KLOUDSKY value-added apps.
  • Advanced reports  – analyzes and shows vehicle performance for up to 400 days.
  • Works on any browser on MacOS, Linux, Windows, and mobiles.

    TRAZET. the GPS tracking mobile app


    For resellers. Sell it to clients separately for additional income.


    Offers all functions of the web version on your smartphone. 


    Selling point. Most of your competitors don't offer mobile apps.


    Available for smartphones and tablets, iOS and Android.

    Why become a reseller?

    Small investments

    No significant initial payments – pay as you connect clients

    Easy to resell

    Best hardware and software at the cheapest price in Sri Lanka

    reseller discount

    The more you resell, the more you earn due to higher discounts

    Business opportunities

    Many fleet owners are trapped with cheap GPS trackers locked to low-quality software. We offer them free hardware for migration and better software at a cheaper price.  

    Can’t sell? 
    Refer and earn. 

    If you see the client is too big, has advanced demands, refer him to us and earn a % of the deal, discounts, and free software and services that you can resell to your clients.

    Support from the market leader

    We consult you on hardware and software implementation, provide value-added solutions on-demand, offer fleet management training and support.

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