Predefined Solutions

Our range of predefined telematics solutions are carefully designed studying usage patterns, common requirements, maintenance styles and benefits derived by users for many years. Therefore you will find one of below solutions fit in closely with your requirement. However, if you think you need a more specific solution you may contact us for a tailor-made solutions bundle. 

Route Planning with Live Traffic
Mark your permanent, temporarily routes on maps with the assistance of FiOS for shortest and fastest routes considering traffic and distances. Let the system keep a close tracking of your team on following given routes and schedules.
Rs. 20,000.00 Rs. 20,000.00 20000.0 LKR
Fleet Management
We provide a comprehensive real-time remote monitoring/management solutions for vehicle-fleets, sales/service teams, assets and personnel. Our standard solution consists of powerful tools to manage your team with pin point accuracy. Route planning, traffic status, speed tracking, zoning/territory marking, sms/email/pop alerts based on various conditions, automatic pre-programed reporting, custom reports, private-business miles are some of the popular features. We also make required customization to precisely meet users requirements. We ensure 100% accurate milage and it will match with your in-vehicle precision ODO meter readings.
Rs. 20,000.00 Rs. 20,000.00 20000.0 LKR
Logistics module provides precise capacity/route planning and deliveries of your cargo on tracked vehicles. You can plan by weight or space or in combination to best meet your requirements. You will know left space or available goods in your vehicles to optimize usage and minimize wastage. You can get order delivered/cancelled/delayed or any other custom notifications to ensure efficient management.

Bundled with mobile app for driver navigation and proof of delivery.
Rs. 20,000.00 Rs. 20,000.00 20000.0 LKR
SHUTTLE mobile app enables passengers to have their frequent routes uploaded to mobile via QR codes.
Passengers need not wait for the bus indefinitely. When see the bus coming on their route and then can go to pickup point. Passenger can see when bus is early or late realtime.
Soon we are adding passenger feed back so that they can complain on bad drivers, bus condition etc.
SHUTTLE brings considerable value addition to companies who use our solution.
Rs. 25,000.00 Rs. 25,000.00 25000.0 LKR