ADAS Camera with Cables

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    Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) including cables & accessories to monitor lane departure; too close to the front vehicle, with voice alerts.
    Maintenance - Sensors are covered by a comprehensive 1 year warranty when there is an active subscription. Approximate installation time 8 hours and vehicle must be sent to our designated center for installation.

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    Best suited for


    Prevent accidents with trucks transporting heat-sensitive goods, oil-and-gas & other sensitive materials.

    Employee tracking

    Check how diligently your employees use company cars. Watch them being distracted, smoking, or sleepy while driving.


    Minimize delays in construction materials delivery due to traffic accidents and avoid costly repairs of heavy trucks.

    Passenger vehicles

    Save human lives and ensure passengers' comfort by remotely controlling driver behavior and diligence.

    Personal tracking

    Watch inexperienced teen drivers and family members inside your car with no need to sit nearby.


    Prevent accidents involving couriers to deliver goods without delays, get more jobs done, and ensure that all cars remain operative. 

    Integrated with FiOS fleet management system

    Analyze driving and receive driver behavior alerts right from the system interface.

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