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    GOFER Enterprise passenger mobile app enables registered users to request company vehicles for their visits as approved by the line manager. Once approved requested vehicles will be assigned by the dispatcher. Prior to the trip start assigned driver location will be visible on this passenger app until picks-up and completes the trip.

    GOFER Enterprise passenger Mobile app iOS and Android versions are available for download on respective online stores.
    GOFER Enterprise application setup is required prior to using this mobile app.

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    Best suited for

    Company car fleets

    Check how employees use the corporate vehicles to optimize the fleet size and ensure cost-efficient car utilization.

    Employee transport management

    Manage business rides of service and sales staff, count work hours of drivers and office employees in trips, automate payments.


    All about GOFER for cOMPANY CARS

    and business transport

    System features, use-cases, and benefits in detail.

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