fixed-route transport under control

school buses

Safety and comfort for children going to school and back.

public transport

Complex public transport system in your laptop.

staff transport

Ensure that the employees arrive at work on time. 

unveil shuttle

WEB platform

Passenger transport management and dispatching centre.

stats service

Web application for fleet stats monitoring.   

passenger app

The app to view schedules and passenger transport movements.

web platform

Create stops of any shape in a click or import them from another software.   

Routes and schedules
Organize stops into routes, optimize them, and add schedules to track transport performance.  

Online tracking
Watch transport on the map, timeline, and learn more via event-based notifications.

Check visited and skipped stops, off the schedule arrivals, deviations from the route to identify growth areas.

passenger app

Bus tracking
Watch buses moving on the map, see estimated arrival times updated in real-time, and view up-to-minute schedules. 

Trip rating
Passengers can rate their rides and leave comments to share first-hand experience with transport operators.

benefits at a glance

The passenger transportation solution that transforms your business.

non-stop transport

All cars and transport activities are brought to a single screen and manageable in a click.

minimized expenses

Pay drivers for actual work only, eliminate private trips, and share cars between employees.

no special skills needed

KLOUDIP connects your passenger transport to SHUTTLE, integrates the service into your business operations, and trains your teams to use it. No special skills and technical knowledge required.

time-saving operations

Requests, approvals, transport catalogues, billing documents are digitised and sent to your laptop .

Passenger comfort

People don’t wait at crowded stops, but watch the buses coming on their smartphones.

how to take your fixed-route fleets under control?

add or import stops
Create routes, add schedules, and assign vehicles
Plan rides
Track transport in real-time
study analytics and reports

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