ZEON. The retail delivery service

Small to large online shops launched in a few clicks

Works with any order management, delivery, and payment system

Online  shopping experience  your customers will love

private stores or supermarket chains. 

we'll help you sell online and deliver across Sri Lanka

create an online store in 10 minutes

For the owners of private stores who want to sell on the internet without major investments.

ZEON is like an online shopping mall where you own a store. Here, buyers shop for all types of goods from dozens of retailers. Why not make them your customers? Create your store in a few clicks, be among the first to sell on ZEON, and get the wave of online buyers to you store.

Store space

Offer online shopping experience to your existing clients and attract new buyers from those already shopping in ZEON. 

Ordering tools

Employ the latest e-commerce technologies to let your clients order any goods you sell in one click.

online delivery service

ZEON shared delivery is instantly available. As convenient as Uber, but more beneficial for delivery teams.

payment gateway

ZEON ensures secure money transfers from buyers to your bank accounts relieving you from the greatest headache. 

If you were waiting for the right time to get your business online, 
the time is now


Provide an outstanding sell online site

Your privately-owned shop looks superior to retail giants when designed on ZEON platform.

Offer order delivery and pickup

Specify delivery zones and attract drivers to organise fastest delivery.



make use of online store management system 

Fruits and vegetables, dairy and grocery, personal and home care goods stock the shelves of your online shop in minutes.

Get it for less

We offer the best price on shopping+ordering+delivery solution in Sri Lanka. Affordable for the stores of all sizes.



Online shop platform for retail chains 

Get your store chains online with unlimited opportunities and  minimum investments

ZEON offers a powerful retail delivery solution with mobile and web apps designed exclusively for your organisation. Build your marketplace with a dedicated ordering tools and delivery services, payment gateway, and store management tools.

Store management

The online marketplace designed for your retail chain and managed by your team to attract your buyers to online shopping.  

Ordering tools

All goods across your stores are instantly available for online ordering in a few clicks. 

delivery service

Add drivers to the service and assign them to delivery zones to automate order management and ensure fast delivery.  

payment gateway

ZEON provides industry-grade security for online payments making you instantly compliant with security regulations.

No investments in design and development on your part.  
We launch and scale your online store in 2 weeks


Enjoy the advanced online store maker

We offer the design and structure inspired by the best online shops globally that will make buyers come back to you over and over. 

Make use of an online store management system

All types of products you offer are instantly available in your online shop through ZEON. It allows launching the whole retails shop chain in minutes.



unite multiple stores in one online selling platform

Unlimited number of outlets, products, and deliveries controlled in your laptop.

Communicate your brand

We adjust every element of your online marketplace to your brandbook to attract and retain loyal customers.




full control on desktop or mobile


Datacenter infrastructure mirrored in three continents ensures 99.9% stability and uninterrupted shopping for your clients.


Our platform is designed for store management  from the core to offer the ultimate  customer and store management experience. 


We offer single login to different parts of service with comprehensive access control. You shop or manage retail through any iOS/Android mobile device, PC, or laptop.

who benefits?

Store managers


Automate order management. 

Managers get incoming online orders on smartphones or laptops, distribute them in seconds, and assign to transport automatically or manually.

Delivery teams

earn more

Earn more for each delivery.  

Unlike with other delivery services, drivers make unlimited number of trips with no extra charges. It makes delivery cheaper for stores and beneficial for drivers.



Satisfied with superior online shopping.

We offer a user friendly mobile app to shop for all type of goods from anywhere, delivery based on store location and secure payments.

how to start an online store with our support? 


We analyse the scope of your business and advice on the most cost-effective options for your new online shop. 


We give you access to ZEON, help to build your store online, and accompany you to its launch and first visitors.  


We ensure stable operation of ZEON and address technical or commercial issues without additional fees.  


We introduce new features for store management and promote the service for broader audience for faster ROI.  

Ready for ZEON?

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