point-to-point courier service  

 Have a car or work with drivers?  Create your own courier  service and get it online in hours.     

 Need something to be delivered fast? Just place an order on ZEON.   

 Get more orders for your couriers from ZEON retail delivery platform.         

if there's anything to be delivered, 

 zeon connects a sender, courier, and recipient at once.

point-to-point courier platform

For any company that provides or wants to provide courier services.

- All types of deliveries. Goods, parcels, docs – ZEON connects couriers to clients sending and selling all types of things across Sri Lanka.

- Covers the whole process of delivery. ZEON is a single platform where people and companies place delivery orders, courier services accept them, and drivers get the proof of delivery and finalize payments.    

- Provides transparency. Senders and recipients can track their deliveries in ZEON app, see order statuses, and confirm deliveries manually.      

order placement

Any person or company that needs a delivery from one point to other places an order on ZEON.

Accepted or rejected

When the order appears on ZEON, it becomes available for the courier services covering the delivery zone.  

Navigation to order

Accepted orders are distributed among couriers. ZEON mobile app navigates drivers to the pickup and delivery points.

 proof of delivery

ZEON allows you to get proof of delivery from clients and securely transfer money to your bank accounts.

ZEON helps to start or extend a courier business without major investments


Constant order flow

Mix point-to-point and retail deliveries. Your couriers additionally get delivery orders for everything offered on ZEON.  

The quick start platform

From self-employed car owners to any company that has drivers. It's your chance to become a courier service .



fee-free delivery

Unlike other delivery solutions, we don't charge drivers for each ride. You deliver unlimited number of orders at a fixed price.

technology made simple

The powerful capabilities of ZEON platform are wrapped into user-friendly and intuitive interface to make point-to-point delivery as simple as it sounds.



full control on desktop or mobile


Datacenter infrastructure mirrored in three continents ensures 99.9% stability and uninterrupted delivery monitoring.


Our platform is designed for delivery  from the core to bring courier services online, and make point-to-point delivery simple. 


Place orders, accept them, monitor delivery, and interact with clients on any iOS/Android mobile device, PC, or laptop.

who benefits?


find couriers


If there's anything to be delivered, ZEON finds the nearest courier to ensure the fastest delivery and allows to monitor delivery progress on via order statuses on a laptop or smartphone.      

courier business

earns more

Earn more on constant order flow. 

Couriers get both point-to-point deliveries and orders from ZEON-based retail stores. Considering that we don't charge fees for each delivery, ZEON offers an unlimited opportunities for earning.


are guided

Are guided by the mobile app.

ZEON makes delivery happen without long communications with drivers   order pick-up points and destinations are on the smartphone's screen, the only thing left to do is to follow.    

 SEe how we supercharge your business 


We analyze your resources, capacities, and advice on how to create a cost-effective ZEON-based courier service. 


We give you access to ZEON platform, help you create an online courier service, and accompany you to its launch.  


We ensure the stable operation of ZEON and address technical or commercial issues without additional fees.  


We introduce new features for courier service and promote ZEON in Sri Lanka to get you more orders.  

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