for sensors tracking and industrial IOT

The platform to control any type of sensors installed in vehicles, production sites, smart homes, and offices. 

 why HAZER? 

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For all types of sensors, counters, and IOT devices

Moving or stationary object, HAZER gets it under control. 

- Transportation environment monitoring . Temperature, humidity, fuel level and consumption, door opening, tyre pressure, light sensors. It’s only a small part of what you can control in real time with HAZER. 

- Industrial IoT.  Machine hours, energy and water consumption, CO2, leaks, moisture, vibration and much more – HAZER offers you insights where you can cut costs and increase productivity.

- Smart cities. Smart homes, telemedicine and healthcare, parkings, warehousing, security, building automation, utility services – HAZER brings the whole ecosystem under your control.

SMART, digital, connected, IOT.

That's how HAZER transforms businesses 

IoT devices

Supports any type of sensors and counters for moving and stationary assets. 

location detection

Not only tells you what is happening, but also where. 

Mobile app

Data synchronised and updated in your smartphone in real time.


Handles millions of connections without even a second's delay. 

Sensor Visualisation 

Colours, charts, graphs, reports – you see the data the way you want it. 

The ground for digital transformation

KLOUDIP covers all your IoT initiatives with HAZER.

- Consult you on the top choice for sensors and counters. We ensure that you buy IoT devices best suited to return your investments; at lowest cost; for ages.

- Offer cloud sensor management. You don't need an in-house server to handle thousands of sensors. The big data is stored, processed, and analysed in a robust KLOUDIP data centre. The results are in your browser and smartphone. 

- Make workers IoT-minded. We help your employees understand both "How to?" and "Why?" use HAZER making them the driver of IoT transformation in the long run.