for corporate transport management

Ensures cost-efficient utilisation of vehicles, simplifies transport request management, and automates payments to drivers. 

 why GOFER? 

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change the way your employees request and use vehicles

GOFER helps to organize and formalize corporate transport.

  • Company staff is never late to appointments due to transport problems. Employees request vehicles online and are sure to get a ride when they need it.

  • Transport managers ensure that every employee gets a vehicle in time, plan vehicle utilization rates, and cut transportation costs. 

  • Drivers are paid per mileage, driving hours, or rides. GPS data shows drivers' workload and GOFER calculates earnings. No estimations, papers, and overpayments. 

Ensure that you optimise every aspect of corporate passenger transport


Reveals the structure of your corporate passenger fleet with detailed information on each vehicle. 

car sharing

See if several employees are going in the same direction. Why using multiple cars if you can use one?


Choose how many vehicles are visible to your employees to limit fleet share in use.


Service administrators, managers, dispatchers, drivers, and passengers communicate in a single interface.


Provides data to plan passenger logistics and optimise fleet utilisation costs. 

relieve yourself from traditional pains of fleet management

  1. No arguments. GOFER assigns a car to a particular passenger. No one else can take it behind the back.

  2. No paperwork. Requests, approvals, transport catalogues, billing docs are digitised and available on your laptop at once.

  3. No blind points. GOFER brings all transport activities in all locations into a single screen. 

  4. All-round.  From service crews to C-levels  – GOFER will provide the vehicle as per status .

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Smart corporate transport step-by-step


We interact with stakeholders and transport executives to understand how  GOFER can bring the most value.


We carefully select and install trackers to connect your passenger vehicles to GOFER.   


We train your employees to administer and use GOFER and help you resolve all technical and commercial issues.    


We watch how your business works and come up with advice on how to return your investments faster.  

GOFER functions

GOFER enterprise Service structure


Corporate and branch administrators configure GOFER across the organisation.

They have a global view of what is happening in the whole company or separate branch. Using data in GOFER, admins can advice on how to enhance the transport system.  



See a big picture and manage daily operations.

Dispatchers can view the list of departments, managers, passengers, and drivers that can request vehicles. They also see all the available vehicles, approve or decline requests, and assign vehicle requests to drivers.  

Dispatchers also have access to analytics and reporting to optimise transport processes. 


Are just like dispatchers, but can also become passengers.

Managers know which ones of their employees requested a car and why. They can not only approve or reject requests, but also create requests for themselves and colleagues. 

GOFER reports for managers provide better understanding of employees' activities outside the office. 



Are those who make vehicle requests happen. Or not. 

Drivers accept or decline requests and know everything about the passenger they will deliver. GOFER makes their lives easier with Uber-like features, like navigation through Google Maps, passenger rating, "being late" notifications, and driver activity statuses.  

Additionally, thanks to GOFER, drivers know how much they earned for the previous rides. Work goes better if they see money coming, even virtually. 



Are the ones who enjoy rides per plan. 

Passengers create vehicle requests or decline them if no longer needed. They know which driver will pick them up and can rate him in the end.

GOFER goes beyond Uber for passengers and allows them to share trip details and live location with managers and dispatchers. That's how they can check, if an employee is actually driving on business.    


transport management simplified


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