Core features

car booking

From a smartphone or laptop in one click.

employee tracking

Movement history, trip purposes, and two-way communication.

car sharing

For employees traveling in one direction.

fleet analytics

Vehicle utilization rate and cost for smarter planning.

automated Payments

To drivers based on rides, mileage, or driving hours.

unveil GOFER

WEB platform

Corporate transport management centre.

driver app

Uber-like app for company drivers.   

passenger app

The app to interact with drivers and managers

web interfacE

Transport management
Create corporate transport structure and overview vehicles, drivers, passengers, managers.

Car booking and request management
Create, accept, or reject requests superfast. Get quick access to detailed info about each ride and request.  

Generate reports on business rides and their cost-efficiency.

mobile  apps

Driver application
View trip history with mileage and earning, interact with the office and passengers, navigate to destination via Google Maps.

Passenger application
Share location and trip details with managers, manage your bookings, communicate with the office, and rate drivers.

benefits at a glance

GOFER changes corporate transport management, just like Uber changed taxi services.

organized transport

All cars and transport activities are brought to a single screen and manageable in a click.

lower expenses

Pay drivers for actual work only, eliminate private trips, and share cars between employees.

no special skills needed

KLOUDIP connects your company cars to GOFER, integrates the service into your business operations, and trains your teams to use it. No special skills and technical knowledge required.

no paperwork

Requests, approvals, transport catalogues, billing documents are digitised and sent to your laptop .

satisfied customers

Your employees are never late to appointments due to transport problems.

Service administrators, managers, dispatchers, drivers, and employees within a single interface.


Create a service structure and have a global view of the company transport.


Approve/reject vehicle requests, assign them to drivers, and analyze trips.


Track employees, view trip purposes, approve or reject rides.


Accept/reject requests, track earnings, and communicate with passengers.


Request vehicles in a click, enjoy rides, and rate drivers.

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