all types of vehicles under control

From cars and lorries to complex construction machinery.

private Cars




heavy machinery


Basic vehicle GPS tracking

Stop paying for the modules you don't use. KLOUDIP offers the essential features for vehicle tracking at lower costs. 

oNLINE GPS tracking

Instantly locate and trace multiple vehicles, people, and trailers on the map. 

route optimization

Minimize mileage, time in trips, and fuel consumption with the shortest routes. 

vehicle tracks

Replay transport movements on the map for any period in the past 400 days.

Geofence control

Mark areas on the map and control anyone entering or leaving them.


React to events happening with your vehicles within seconds.

fleet Reports

Get deep vehicle analytics to optimize fleet performance and utilization.

Vehicle tracking mobile app

Use the app to detect vehicle location, control movements, study fleet analytics, monitor fuel consumption, and manage transport by commands on your mobile.

Advanced fleet management options

We'll automate all your transport management processes and provide fleet analytics for massive savings. 

Fuel monitoring   

Reduce fuel consumption per km, ensure fuel economy, and detect thefts.

safe driving

Detect speedings, accelerations, harsh brakings, sharp turns, and reckless driving.

Video surveillance

Watch transport and drivers through cameras: CCTV, MDVR, ADAS.

cold chain

Monitor storage and transportation conditions to deliver goods unspoiled.

machine hours

Control work hours and efficiency of heavy equipment and stationary assets. 

RFID/NFC solutions

Identify drivers, passengers, and control access to machinery.

additional fleet management apps