fios 10

for  fleet management and GPS tracking

The platform to control moving and stationary objects, drivers and personnel in any industry you can imagine.

 why fios 10 for your fleets? 

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Fleet management solutions for small and large businesses

We help you choose and adjust FiOS exactly to your needs. 

  • We can keep it simple. If you need location detection you'll get it for less and won't pay for unneeded modules.

  • We can keep it comprehensive. We'll automate all your processes and provide fleet analytics saving millions of dollars annually. 

  • We can scale. We start with simple tracking, see what you need, and expand telematics where it brings the most value.  

all you need to take your fleet and assets under control


FiOS supports any trackers and sensors for vehicles, machinery, buildings, and people. 

Specialised apps

We have an app for every business and task. Otherwise, we'll develop one for you.   

Mobile app

Continue tracking outside the office through your smartphone.


99.9% system uptime ensures that you won't lose sight of your assets even for a second. 

Big data

FiOS platform reads, processes, analyses, and integrates telematics data into business.  

We build fleet management from scratch. superfast

We take care of everything: 

  • Select trackers, sensors, features, and extra apps for your needs. 

  • Configure all modules, reports, and alerts. You can use the system at once. 

  • Hosting is also on us. You don't need to pay for your own servers. 

The laptop is on you. With FiOS, it's the only thing you need to manage fleets. 

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fios functions 

fleet management step-by-step


We interact with every stakeholder in your company to understand how FiOS can benefit your business.


We carefully select hardware and software to connect your assets and make them interact with the teams.    


We train your employees to use the new tools and help you resolve every issue, both technical or commercial.    


We watch how your business works and come up with advice on how to return your investments faster.  

Psst... residential clients get Fios Lite at a cheaper price

fleet management is simple

Learn FiOS basics in 5 minutes and contact us for more.


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