FiOS 10 

fleet management and GPS tracking system for Sri Lanka

Powerful. flexible. low-cost.

GPS tracking for all types of vehicles

From cars and lorries to complex construction machinery.

Basic vehicle GPS tracking

Stop paying for the modules you don't use. KLOUDIP offers the essential features for vehicle tracking at lower costs. 

oNLINE GPS tracking  

Instantly locate and trace multiple vehicles, people, and trailers on the map. 

route optimization

Minimize mileage, time in trips, and fuel consumption with the shortest routes. 

vehicle tracks

Replay transport movements on the map for any period in the past 400 days.

Geofence control

Mark areas on the map and control anyone entering or leaving them.

alerts and notifications

Free real-time alerts on your laptop and smartphone to react in seconds.

fleet Reports

Get deep vehicle analytics to optimize fleet performance and utilization.

Vehicle tracking application

Access GPS tracking from a smartphone

Use the app to detect vehicle location, control movements, study fleet analytics, monitor fuel consumption, and manage transport by commands on your mobile.

Advanced fleet management options

We'll automate all your transport management processes and provide fleet analytics for massive savings. 

Fuel monitoring   

Reduce fuel consumption per km, ensure fuel economy, and detect thefts.

driving style monitoring

Detect speedings, accelerations, harsh brakings, sharp turns, and reckless driving.

Video surveillance

Watch transport and drivers through cameras: CCTV, MDVR, ADAS.

Temperature control

Monitor storage and transportation conditions to deliver goods unspoiled.

machine hours

Control work hours and efficiency of heavy equipment and stationary assets. 

RFID/NFC solutions

Identify drivers, passengers, and control access to machinery.

Free real-time notifications

Stop paying for SMS.
FiOS sends online notifications to Telegram messenger available for your smartphone and laptop.   

extra fleet management apps for every industry in Sri Lanka


IoT platform to track sensors and counters


For business and corporate transport management


E-TMS for 3PL and full-chain logistics services


To manage public, passenger, school, and staff transport


For remote maintenance management


To manage logistics, delivery, and distribution.


To monitor driving style and driver behavior


Mobile app to track employees through their smartphones 

all you need for fleet management and  GPS vehicle tracking in Sri Lanka

GPS trackers

FiOS supports any trackers and sensors for vehicles, machinery, buildings, and people. 

Specialised apps

We have an app for every business and task. Otherwise, we'll develop one for you.   

vehicle tracking app

Continue GPS tracking outside the office through your smartphone or tablet.

Stable GPS software

The GPS system is never down. Your vehicles stay in sight for  99.7% of time monthly

fleet data

FiOS provides fleet analytics showing where you can cut costs and automate processes.

fleet management step-by-step


We interact with every stakeholder in your company to understand how FiOS can benefit your business.


We carefully select GPS hardware and software to connect your assets and make them interact with the teams.    


We train your employees to use the new fleet management tools and help you resolve every issue, both technical or commercial.    


We watch how your business works and come up with advice on how to return your investments faster.  

Free GPS trackers when you switch to FiOS

If you are not happy with your current vehicle GPS provider, we install new trackers for free and connect you to the fleet management system that is designed to bring value.  

FiOS fleet management system explained

Discover the core FiOS modules and features with KLOUDIP's Chief Technical Officer. 


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