solutions for fleet management, industrial IoT, and  GPS tracking in Sri Lanka

We provide equipment and software for remote vehicle tracking, employee management, building automation, and machinery monitoring.

4 steps to efficient GPS tracking and fleet management


We gather all your requirements and advice on how GPS and fleet management can benefit your business.  


We carefully select equipment and software to interconnect your vehicles, employees, and facilities.   


We train your employees to use the new tools and help you resolve every issue, both technical or commercial.   


We watch how your business works and come up with advice on how to return your investments faster.  


The biggest annual savings from fleet management.


Tracked with KLOUDSKY software in Sri Lanka.


In Sri Lanka trust their transport to KLOUDIP.


Connecting assets to GPS and fleet management systems.

 Fleet management SOLUTIONS

  Flagship telematics PLATFORMS

     IoT platform for sensor monitoring

HAZER receives data from any IoT devices – environment monitoring, building automation, utility sensors, and counters – and displays it on your laptop and smartphone in real time.  

The app offers online monitoring to address emerging issues and analytics to optimize asset performance and cut operational costs.

     Business transport solutions

The service ensures cost-efficient vehicle utilization, simplifies transport request management, and automates payments to drivers.

GOFER app helps to organize, formalize, and optimize the utilization of company vehicles to cut costs on corporate passenger transportation.

     retail and courier delivery software

Private stores or supermarket chains, we'll help you sell online and deliver.  

  • Small to large online shops launched in a few clicks.   

  • Easily integrated with your current order management, delivery, and payment solutions.

  • A safe and hassle-free online shopping experience  that your customers will love.

     delivery ecosystem for 3PL companies

The only solution you need for full-chain logistics. Plus, billing matrix, mobile apps, and telematics interface. 

  • 3PL interface to manage full-chain logistics on one screen.

  • 2PL interface   to control carriers, transport, drivers, and assistants.

  • Customer interface to manage orders, track deliveries, and interact with carriers.

Dozens of tracking apps for every business in Sri Lanka  

Explore the KLOUD Repository – search, view all, or request custom development. 

          Why KLOUDIP?


          Choose additional apps for delivery, public transport, driving style control, IoT, and energy management. 

          bEST PRICES

          Add or remove additional apps, hardware, and sensors to shape the price. 

          big data

          See fleet performance online and analyze historical data for 400 days — all that for future decision-making. 

          free GPS TRACKERS

          If you migrate from another system, we offer new GPS trackers for free, making migration cost nothing.

          assistance and support

          We resolve issues online within 8 hours, on-site 48 hours, new installations  14 days, and offer free training sessions. 

          software development

          If you need a custom solution, app, or service, we'll develop it for you. 

          KLOUDip helps to fight COVID-19 in Sri Lanka

          See how businesses use our solutions for social distancing, remote transport management, and employee tracking during the pandemic.

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