manage vehicles, homes, cities, factories , and other facilities

Smart cities

Smart homes, healthcare, warehousing, building automation, utility services, parkings  – HAZER brings the ecosystem under your control.

industrial IoT

Machine hours, electricity consumption, CO2, leaks, moisture, vibration – see where to cut costs when managing plants and factories.

connected transport

Temperature and humidity in trailers, fuel level and consumption, door opening, tire pressure, light. It’s a small part of what you can monitor. 

HAZER web platform

The platform receives data from all types of sensors and counters, analyzes it, and displays it on your laptop or smartphone.

Sensor tracking dashboard

Monitor any number of sensors online on your laptop. 

  • Widgets – colored tabs and gauges show sensor values in real-time and change colors if critical deviations from the norm occur.

  • Widgets grouped by placement (vehicle, building, room), sensor type, and other criteria make monitoring more convenient.

  • Maps show you where abnormal sensor values occur.

  • Workspace arrangement through drag-and-drop.

Sensor data analytics

HAZER records sensor performance for up to 400 days and provides analytics for decision-making.

  • Informative tables, illustrative charts, and graphs – present big data the way you want it. 

  • Instant and scheduled reports to get analytics when you need it.

  • Ready-made templates for temperature logs, footfall count, and energy consumption reports.

Sensor tracking tools

Monitor sensors in real-time and manage connected assets through IoT devices.

  • React fast if you see that widgets change colors

  • Get instant alerts and notifications if something occurs with your assets

  • See abnormal drops and rises of sensor values on dynamic charts updated online

  • Automate asset management through notifications. For example, in response to temperature rise alerts, HAZER can automatically turn on the ACs. 


The app and web platform get sensors' data simultaneously.


Instant alerts if something happens with your assets.


See not only what is happening, but also where.

asset management

Manage assets remotely via commands to IoT devices.

flexible ACL

Restrict access to certain features for mobile users.

benefits at a glance

all types of sensors

Work with any sensors and other IoT devices on the market, even those you already have.

optimized costs

Pay-as-you-use the platform and employ laptops instead of buying industrial screens.

no special skills needed

KLOUDIP connects your assets to EPORT, integrates the service into your business operations, and trains your teams to use it. No special skills and technical knowledge required.

non-stop monitoring

HAZER handles millions of connected devices without a second's delay.

automated processes

Create smart rules for HAZER to manage your assets without human involvement.

5 steps to make your assets connected

Add sensors

Connect sensors to HAZER in a few clicks.

create a dashboard

Organize sensor widgets on the dashboard.

monitor sensors

Track sensor values in real-time and view dynamically updated reports.

manage assets

Send commands to sensors or create smart rules to manage objects automatically.

analyze data

Generate reports to see how your assets perform.

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