The delivery ecosystem for

3PL companies

Control the whole logistics chain in a single interface.


Manage their vehicles, trailers, drivers, and assistants.

3PL customers

Place orders, monitor delivery in real-time, and study history.


Get goods in time. 100% satisfied with the service.

unveil EPORT

3PL interface

The control center of your 3PL business.

carrier module

Transport and employee management.   

customer portal

Direct access to EPORT for 3PL customers.

3PL interfacE

3PL Dashboard
Quick access to customers, carriers, drivers, operators, vehicles, their movements and statuses on the map.

Transportation order management
Watch orders updated in real-time – search, filter, view details, and combine cargo by type, destination, and more to ensure cost-efficient and fastest trips. 

Billing matrix
Set up individual billing for each carrier and customer. EPORT automatically balances buying and selling rates to offer logistics services at the best price.

carrier module

Database of assets
Carriers create the database of own and third-party vehicles, trailers, drivers, and assistants available for 3PL companies.

Asset descriptions
Vehicle capacity and dimensions, license, VIN, country and GPS options in EPORT ensure proper transport order distribution, best rates, and traceability.

Mobile app for drivers
The app to update delivery statuses for customers, navigate drivers to destination, and get proof of delivery.

customer portal

The interface to track shipments in real-time and view  transportation history – by order, trip, or plate number  and receive shipment/payment reports.

Notifications for the delivery status changes – arriving, unloading, delivered, waiting, delayed – triggered by drivers or based on GPS location.

Order placement and import
Anyone in need for 3PL services can add contacts, place orders and find the right carrier at the best rates.

benefits at a glance

3PLs find carriers. Carriers find customers. Customers find carriers. Then comes the magic.

Satisfied   customers

Instant feedback from carriers, best prices, and instant cargo status updates.

Transparent processes

Integrated telematics for cargo tracking. Smart billing for transparent pricing.

no special skills needed

KLOUDIP connects your assets to EPORT, integrates the service into your business operations, and trains your teams to use it. No special skills and technical knowledge required.

low-cost logistics

No investments. Only pay for the software-as-a-service based on your own demand.

Automated documents

Generate invoices, waybills, manifestoes, and other shipping docs automatically.

Welcome to a single point for the management of orders, own and third-party fleets, drivers, and helpers.

add orders

Add or import orders in CSV, XLSX, or via direct integration.

plan trips

Select carriers, vehicles, drivers, and routes.

manage trips

Approve, remove, assign orders to another vehicle/trip.

track shipments

Watch cargo on the map or follow delivery status updates.

analyze trips

View trip details, vehicle utilization, and custom reports.

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