Telematics Colombo 2023 - Live Stream

About the event

KLOUDIP comes back with the most renowned technology event in Sri Lanka. Join Brandix, MAS, Abans, Unilever, Toyota, INSEE, and others at the largest conference for fleet management, telematics, and IoT in the region.


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Sanjeeva Cooray

CEO, kloudip

Sanjeeva founded KLOUDIP 15 years ago. Since then the company has become one of the biggest telematics providers in the Asia-Pacific. Sanjeeva is the person who stands behind business decisions and the vision on the way to success.

Yasintha Vithanage

CTO, kloudip

Yasintha is the one who shapes all telematics products offered by KLOUDIP. If you enjoy using telematics products by KLOUDIP – their stability, feature set, top-notch support, and seamless implementation – he’s the one to manage all these processes.

Kirill Yakunin,

CMO, kloudip

Kirill does all-round marketing for KLOUDIP. If you’ve ever enjoyed the content – on the blog, social media, emails, or website – visit Telematics Colombo 2023 and learn how to enter new markets and build your brand in the most competitive markets.



These companies were among the first to adopt telematics in Sri Lanka. They will share the experience of managing vehicles, showrooms, warehouses, and employees remotely with KLOUDIP solutions during the most challenging times.

Industry leader

Don't miss the opportunity

You've seen him on the media sharing valuable industry and market insights with millions of people. Now, he's visiting Telematics Colombo 2023 with a one-off speech touching upon your business. Missing the opportunity is a crime, so don't!


Cocktails & Dinner.


Trailblazers of kloudip solutions

Every few years, KLOUDIP awards "The largest user of telematics in Sri Lanka" and "Companies with the most telematics solutions implemented successfully."

At Telematics Colombo 2020, the trophies went to Abans, Brandix, and MAS. Visit Telematics Colombo 2023 to see who will take the prizes this year. 

May it be your company? Let's see.


as seen at Telematics Colombo 2020


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Date & Time
January 20, 2023
7:00 AM 12:30 PM Asia/Colombo

Shangri-La Ballroom

One Galle Face
Colombo WP 00100
Sri Lanka
+94 112 127 040
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