Google Maps Option
0.44 0.44 0.44 USD
Access Google Maps, Google Street view and Live traffic via FiOS Platform.
HAZER Platform - Enterprise
442.48 442.48 442.48 USD
HAZER platform equipped with a web interface and a mobile interface that is synchronized instantly is a disruptive solution that is going to change the way people keep a track of 1000's of sensors. One solution that can keep a track of multiple sensors from mobile freezer tucks to manufacturing plant production progress to power usage at branch offices.

There is nothing else like it. Try Hazer today!
HEED - Vehicle/Machinery/Asset Maintenance Interface
2.21 2.21 2.21 USD
Automate your vehicles and machinery maintenance activities. HEED will keep track of all time based reminders like revenue license, drivers license, routing checks and km based reminders like oil services. It will keep track of maintenance expenses and more.

Fleet management system must be installed in vehicle to be able to use this solutions.
Jacket Long Sleeve - Men
4.42 4.42 4.42 USD
KLOUD-Attendant - Response Monitoring Interface
11.06 11.06 11.06 USD
KLOUD-Attendant response monitoring system tracks time between service request and service provision. This is an ideal solution to track service response times at hospitals and hotels where conventionally almost impossible to monitor service levels. Alerts are sent to designated personal once thresh hold levels are exceeded. Records are kept for 400 days for analysis. FiOS platforms comprehensive features becomes available once subscribed to the service.

Installation required and can be interfaced with existing indication system or as a stand alone independent system.
0.00 0.0 USD
Distribution mobile app is integrated with the Distribution management platform to enable proof of delivery, pass oders to delivery vehicles real-time, communicate with the driver, navigate driver to delivery points in the order of scheduled deliveries and obtain proof of delivery from the customer by way of signature or photograph of signed invoice.

DISTRIBUTION app iOS and Android versions are available for free download.
DiSTRIBUTION web application required to use this app.
KLOUDSKY - FiOS-10 Mobile App
0.00 0.0 USD
FiOS mobile can be accessed with the same user login credentials for web interface. The mobile application makes available most features available on the KLOUDSKY platform in a user-friendly manner. You may also receive mobile alerts based on various types of alerts configured.

FiOS Mobile app iOS and Android versions are available for download on respective online stores.
FiOS platform setup is required to enable access via this mobile app.
0.00 0.0 USD
PROBE is a mobile app that converts smartphones into trackers. With this application, you will be able to monitor your field staff, plan visit points
and ensure all places are visited.

PROBE app iOS and Android versions are available for free download.
FiOS platform setup is required before this mobile application can be used.
Machine Hours Monitoring Interface
2.21 2.21 2.21 USD
Must be purchased along with FiOS Platform - Core; Real time monitoring of cement mixer unloading; Must monitor regularly on FiOS platform.
Mobile Smart handheld Device
199.12 199.12 199.12 USD
Maintenance - Sensors are covered by a comprehensive 1 year warranty when there is an active subscription. 4.7" DH IPS 720*1280 LCD; G+F+F Five points touch; 3GB+32GB memory; Android-6.0; Front camera 5.0MP FF - Rear camera 13.0MP AF; 4500MAh; Long life battery; Water resistant & scratch proof; USB charger.
OSTIARY - Entrance Management Interface
8.85 8.85 8.85 USD
You no longer need a person to do temperature checks, see if wearing masks and control access based on the identity, and more...
KLOUDIP OSTIARY will take care of it for you much more accurately than a human!

FiOS platform must be subscripbed to use this solution.
Photo Monitoring Interface
1.11 1.11 1.11 USD
-Must be purchased along with FiOS Platform - Core.
-Data charges for photo monitoring up to 300mb per month included.
Polo T-Shirts Short Sleeve - Women
1.55 1.55 1.55 USD
RFID Reader Monitoring Interface
2.21 2.21 2.21 USD
Must be purchased along with FiOS Platform - Core; Passenger tracking, attendance, and access control via RF ID.
SENSOR - Environment Monitoring Interface
2.21 2.21 2.21 USD
Must be purchased along with FiOS Platform - Core; Temperature/Humidity Monitoring.
SHUTTLE - Transport Management Interface
2.21 2.21 2.21 USD
Must be purchased with FiOS Platform Core - Enterprise.
Generate routes with precise schedules, individual operation patterns and bound units. Add hundreds of schedules for various circumstances and create schedules on the basis of the existing ones. Assign the units constantly following the route on the specified schedule in advance. Use dynamic search and filtration by vehicle type, route number, name, etc.
Change stops sequence by drag & drop or replaces one-stop by another.
SMS Package Per Fleet - 2000
11.06 11.06 11.06 USD
Must be purchased along with FiOS Platform - Core; 1,000 SMS per fleet per month.
Software - Configuration
663.72 663.72 663.72 USD
Software/system configuration fee.
Software - Personal Branding
442.48 442.48 442.48 USD
Software personal branding fee.
UNIVERSAL - EPORT Client Portal - Per User
22.12 22.12 22.12 USD
Customer user for data entry and reporting access of EPORT e-TMS platform.