Core platforms

Value-added Apps

We don’t just provide software like on Play Market or App Store but take up the full software implementation cycle. Our team makes the apps work with your existing hardware, train your teams to get the most of them, and integrate the solutions into your everyday business operations.

flagship. applications

HAZER. web

IoT platform for sensor monitoring and management.

IoT on your laptop


The mobile app to monitor sensors on the GO.

IoT in your pocket


The software for business transport.

 Try the web app 

GOFER. mobile

Uber-like apps for drivers and passengers.

Go mobile

EPORT.   platform

The delivery ecosystem for 3PLs.

 Manage logistics 

SHUTTLE. Service

Web software and mobile app for passenger transport .

These apps interconnect vehicles, buildings, machinery, people, and any other assets where you can install sensors or trackers. Our development teams go even further and tailor them to your business and tasks. From redesigning the apps to fit your company’s brand book to adding new features – we will make our apps 100% fit your needs.

software. benefits

The IoT and telematics software your can rely on, as businesses in 130 countries do.  


2500 IoT and telematics devices supported.


Break free of servers. Enjoy SaaS solutions in your browser.


Three datacenters globally ensure 99.9% monthly uptime. 


Tried and tested by the biggest telematics and IoT community.

Data collection and storage

We collect data from any type of moving and stationary assets, be it a vehicle, building, equipment, or human being. 

real-time Data visualization

We show the data from millions of devices in IoT dashboards, fleet management interfaces, and native mobile apps in real-time. 

Data analytics and reporting

We turn the data from connected assets into knowledge and business insights for smart decision-making.  

work process automation

We create smart rules, sensor action algorithms, scheduled actions, digitalized document flow to make your business work without humans.

IoT software.  Implementation

IoT consulting

We identify stakeholders and discuss how telematics and IoT can benefit your business. Then BA professionals accumulate, thoroughly analyze, and validate tech requirements. Then we merge business and technology requirements to define the project focus and scope.

Hardware and connectivity

We consult you on sensors, gateways, hubs, trackers, and connectivity protocols for seamless H2M and M2M communication. Plus, we check if our software can work with the equipment that you already use (in most cases it does). In both cases we ensure 100% software-hardware compatibility and data integrity.

Software implementation

We connect your assets to our telematics and IoT software and integrate our solutions with your existing infrastructure and legacy systems. Then, we customize and modernize our apps subject to project specifications.

After-service assistance

Despite the 99.9% monthly uptime of our solutions, we offer continuous maintenance and support for any products and customizations delivered by KLOUDIP.

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