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    Telematics based Human Factor Management in modern mobility.
    CIRCUMSPECTOR Driving Behavior monitoring application designed to receive driving quality assessment. The assessment is made on the basis of penalties received for speeding, unreasonable acceleration/braking/acceleration while cornering, reckless driving, and other violations which can be detected on the basis of created sensors. The analysis of received driving quality data may afterwards help you to prolong vehicle life, reduce fuel costs, ensure passenger/cargo safety, and also understand the reason for any case of emergency.
    Fleet management system must be installed in vehicle to be able to use this solutions.

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    Driving Quality Assessment

    There is a set of parameters for driving quality assessment: Speeding, acceleration, breaking, acceleration while cornering, reckless driving and a range of custom parameters based on chosen sensors. These parameters should be configured based on vehicle type under FiOS telematics device properties. Moreover, the amount of penalty points should be indicated for each violation.

    Circumspector Application

    Converts received penalties into a rank (6 point score assessment). The following algorithm is used:

    • Less than 20 penalties - 6.0 rank

    • From 20 to  50 penalties - 5.0 rank

    • From 50 to 100 penalties - 4.0 rank

    • From 100 to 200 penalties - 3.0 rank

    • From 200 to 500 penalties - 2.0 rank

    • More than 500 penalties - 1.0 rank

    Driving behavior penalty templates are created based on user based practices. It is possible to re-configure penalty settings considering the vehicle types/road conditions etc by changing sensor parameter values.

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