Environment Monitoring SENSOR

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Temperature/Humidity Monitoring.

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Best suited for

Warehousing and TRANSPORTATION

Track temperature and humidity when transporting heat-sensitive and FMCG goods. We install sensors in any refrigerated trailer, storage, or container.

delivery and distribution

From ice-cream producers to laboratories and pharmaceuticals distributors companies in Sri Lanka use temperature and humidity sensors to track deliveries. 

Integrated with fleet management and IoT software

FiOS for fleet management

Temperature and humidity sensors can be tracked in FiOS interface with no need for special temperature monitoring solutions.

HAZER IoT platform

Manage big fleets equipped with temperature and humidity sensors with HAZER. It offers a handy Dashboard to track hundreds of sensors on one screen.

Temperature and humidity sensors in Sri Lanka 

See how local and international companies use our sensors and software to ensure

proper transportation condition for their goods.