FiOS SHUTTLE - Transport Management Interface

Must be purchased with FiOS Platform Core - Enterprise.
Generate routes with precise schedules, individual operation patterns and bound units. Add hundreds of schedules for various circumstances and create schedules on the basis of the existing ones. Assign the units constantly following the route on the specified schedule in advance. Use dynamic search and filtration by vehicle type, route number, name, etc.
Change stops sequence by drag & drop or replaces one-stop by another.

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Best suited for

Public and school buses

Create a dispatch center on your laptop and manage all types of passenger transport in real-time, including stops visiting, schedules, delays, and much more.

employee and staff transport

Deliver employees home to work and back via the fastest routes. Relieve them from waiting – SHUTTLE mobile app alerts when the transport is approaching.

Buses and Vans Connected to FiOS

FiOS GPS tracking and fleet management system is instantly integrated with SHUTTLE. All vehicles connected to FiOS appear in SHUTTLE, where you track route performance and schedule compliance.

All about SHUTTLE

Read the new article explaining SHUTTLE in simple words, including detailed overview of features, use cases, and problems solved.


See how MAS uses SHUTTLE app to manage 1000 vehicles carrying 100,000 employees home and back to work.


Additional SHUTTLE applications

Value-added applications for dispatchers and passengers.

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A-Z you need to manage a basic to complex multimode public transport system. It fits in easily from a complex national public transport management system to a school bus that picks up kids.

Route management, arriving times to stops, notification in stands can be well-coordinated and simplified.

Optional mobile app seamlessly extender services to passengers available in iOS/Android. Passenger feedback can be obtained to analyze and improve via stats web.


Real-time information and history data on a dashboard for accurate decision-making.

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