HAZER - Electricity Monitoring


Real-time monitoring of current usage. Alerts at thresh-hold levels; usage graphs, reports and notifications.

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energy management systems by kloudip

All about electricity monitoring

Financial benefits, hardware and software used, and a bit about "How it works?" explained simply.

Powered by IOT

Learn more about HAZER – the IoT platform to track all types of electricity sensors and counters in real-time.


Monitor & Manage Electricity Usage on KLOUD

One system that fits all from 1Amp - 3000Amp 1Ph - 3Ph

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Electricity is one of the most expensive resources that you had no control or idea until the bill is received at the end of the month. Monitor usage with graphs from day one. Find out phase imbalances, when and where maximum demand is hit. Know your bill and get alerts when reaching thresh-hold levels and more...

Our hardware are plug and play and standardized to easily fit inside a standard cabinet and uses only two din rail units.

Analyze with graphs

Compare days, peaks, imbalances to ensure that you fine-tune your power usage and save.

You will never need to pay for wasted power.

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Mobile or Web Interface

Login from the web interface or from the mobile. Realt-time electricity data are synchronized instantly.

Receive alerts when reaching thresh-hold levels; find out your electricity cost at any given moment and more..

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