ZEON Platform - Point-to-Point Currier

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Zeon is the point-to-point currier management application of KLOUDSKY. Zeon seamlessly integrates retail orders, businesses, deliveries, and payment solutions together into an operation that can be managed at your fingertips. The solution consists of native iOS/Android mobile apps and responsive web applications for end customers, business owners, and drivers. Package includes data hosting, storage, support, and maintenance with full management access to the business.

ZEON currier model applies to exclusive use of the platform instance for a single business with unlimited business outlets, delivery zones, drivers, and customers.

This product is no longer available.

Terms and Conditions
30-day money-back guarantee
Shipping: 2-3 Business Days

ZEON ecosystem: Platforms

ZEON store

The platform for supermarket chains to sell online and expand presence in the internet.

ZEON multistore

The retail delivery platform and online shop builder to bring your store online in 10 minutes.

ZEON delivery

The platform to launch a fully-fledged point-to-point courier service online. 

ZEON ecosystem: mobile apps

ZEON for buyers

The mobile app for people shopping on ZEON.

ZEON for drivers

ZEON mobile app for drivers that deliver orders.

ZEON for managers

Mobile app to manage your online store.


All about ZEON

Read if you own or manage a store, supermarket chain, courier business. 

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